Digital Integrated Circuits
A Design Perspective

A Prentice-Hall Publication by Jan M. Rabaey

Welcome to the home of "Digital Integrated Circuits", a dynamic companion to a similarly named book published by Prentice-Hall. The book is intended for use in a senior/graduate level digital circuit design class, but also presents a state-of-the-art reference for professional engineers. Besides providing a solid, in-depth analysis of the operation of digital gates, it addresses the compelling issues facing the modern digital circuit designer such as performance optimization, power minimization, interconnect, packaging, timing synchronization, and the impact of design automation. Click here for a table of contents.

This homepage offers extra homework exercises, challenging design problems, companion software tools, instructor material and errata. It is our hope that the offered selection will grow over time as a result of reader contributions.

WARNING: Reproduction of the material presented in this home page for class or personal use is encouraged. For commercial use, permission should be obtained from the author. 

Important Notice:
A 2nd Edition of the text book is expected to be on the shelves by the end of September 2002. Please check the new web-page for more information.

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Device Models and New Problem Sets.

Complete Design Projects.

Lab descriptions.

Instructor material, including a full transparency set.

A comprehensive set of down-loadable digital IC design tools.

Errata, Corrections, Discussions and Comments.

Other web-sites, publications or references of interest.

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