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Permission is granted to copy and distribute this material for educational purposes only, provided that the complete bibliographic citation and following credit line is included: "Copyright 1996 UCB." Permission is granted to alter and distribute this material provided that the following credit line is included: "Adapted from (complete bibliographic citation). Copyright 1996 UCB.
This material may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes without express written permission of the copyright holder.

Slides are available in Adobe portable data format (pdf), and Microsoft Power Point (version Office97). PDF is intended for viewing on screen and for printing, and PPT for faculty wishing to modify lectures using these slides.

Most slide-sets have been updated. Especially the slides on design methodology (chapter 11) have been substantially changed.

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Click on the corresponding header to download the slide-sets covering the different chapters.

You can also download the compressed pdf files using anonymous ftp:
        user anonymous
        password - your e-mail address
        cd pub/IC_BOOK/SLIDES
        get XXX.pdf.gz

Additional Slides and Figures

Presents additional or new data pertinent to the material in the book. Manufacturing process steps - PPT or PDF (654 kB) Cross-sections of design layouts

Both slide sets are generated automatically from two-dimensional layouts (in the text book process) by the Berkeley SIMPL program.

Problem Solutions

A solution manual is available for the problems at the end of the chapters. This manual can be obtained from Prentice Hall and is available TO INSTRUCTORS ONLY . Please call 1-800-526-0485 or contact your local Prentice Hall representative.

Class Syllabi

Below you can find some sample course syllabi. These are based on actual offerings of digital integrated circuit courses, based on this book. EE 141 - Fall 1995 - U.C. Berkeley. EE141 is a senior-level undergraduate course. EE 6.971 - Fall 1995 - MIT. EE 6.971 is a senior-level undergraduate course.

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