Jan M. Rabaey
 Summer 2016: Deja vu ...  As of July 1, I am back in the EE division chair - I position I previously held between 1999 and 2002. Looking forward towards Berkeley EE the coolest thing in the world. 
May 2016: Presented a closing keynote presentation at IMS 2016 in SF on the Human Intranet.
 Summer 2015: Became acting director of the StarNet TerraSwarm center (with Edward Lee on sabbatical for a year). Great to see a center that is so much at the core of the IT storm.
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Cory:      563 Cory Hall (Personal Office)
                  225 Cory Hall (EE Chair Office) 
                  University of California at Berkeley  
                  Berkeley, CA 94720
BWRC:    2108 Allston Way, Suite 200
                Berkeley, CA 94704-1302
Phone:    (510) 642 2328
Fax:         (510) 883 0270
Email:     jan at eecs.berkeley.edu
EE Chair Assistant:  Meg Pressley
                (510) 642 0253 
                megpressley at berkeley.edu
Personal Admin:  Yessica Bravo
                (510) 642 2328 
                ybravo at berkeley.edu
BWRC Admin:   Candy Corpus
                (510) 643 3986 
                candycorpus at berkeley.edu
SwarmLab Admin:   Hua Chao Kuan
                (510) 642 6239
                hc_kuan at berkeley.edu
Office Hours Fall 2016:   
                563 Cory Hall