December 2011: Jan elected to the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts
 The new Qualcomnm Swarm Lab at UC Berkeley got officially opened on December 6, 2011.
 Check out Jan’s keynote address at ESSCIRC 2011 - “Brain-Machine Interfaces - the New Frontier to Extreme Miniaturization”
Jan talks about brain-machine interfaces at Synopsys Conversation Central at DAC 2011. 
 “The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud - A New Face of Wireless” - Have a look at Jan’s keynote presentation at the VLSI Symposium in Kyoto in June 2011.

 May 2012: Jan receives an honarary doctarate from Lund University in Sweden in May 2012. See here for more detail and pictures.
 February 2012: San Francisco Magazine features our work on brain-machine interfaces.
 January 2012: Big Picture Science Radio and Podcast featuring our work on swarms and brain-machine interfaces. For direct links to the section on our vision, check the following links: swarms and BMI.
 July 2013: A white paper on our vision on how to realize true neural dust using ultrasound just got posted. Check also this broader white paper on scalable neural recording we contributed to.
 January 2013: Check out these two new and exciting StarNet Research Centers in which we are involved: TerraSwarms and SONIC.