February 2018: Presented keynote at WF-IoT Conference in Singapore.

January 2017: With the StarNet TerraSwarm center ending in December 2017, excited to be a part of the newly funded JUMP CONIX Center, led by Anthony Rowe and Prabal Dutta.

Spring 2018: On sabbatical in South-East Asia! Looking forward to lots of adventures and new experiences.

November 2017: Presented Kekulé lecture on "Brain-Machine Interfaces - From concept to practice" in Antwerp, Belgium.

Fall 2017: Back to the fold. Teaching EECS 151/251A.

June 30, 2017: Ended my second tour of duty as EE Associate Chair. All the best to Jeff Bokor - my successor.

Spring 2017: Received honorary doctorates from Antwerp University, Belgium (March 2017) and Technical University Tampere, Finland (May 2017).

March 2017: Presented keynote presentation at ICASSP 2017 in New Orleans on "IoT++"

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